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Why should I sign up as a Preferred Customer?

1. NO Membership Fees!
Becoming a Preferred Customer is completely free of charge and you can immediately begin shopping and saving 10% on your orders.
2. NO Minimum Order Requirements!
Purchase as few or as many products as you wish. There are no minimum requirements to get started and no minimum requirements to maintain a customer account.
3. Easy Account Access 24/7!
You are able to access your personal customer account online at any time. Order products, change or postpone your autoship, update your information anytime.
4. Money Back Guarantee!
If for any reason you are dissatisfied with any USANA product, you may return that product to the Company within thirty (30) days for replacement, exchange, or full refund of the purchase price.

Understanding Autoship
As a Preferred Customer, you may benefit from the Autoship program if you wish to activate it. On the Autoship program, you will be able to purchase USANA products at autoship prices (a 15-20% discount from retail prices). After signing up for the Autoship program, USANA will automatically deliver to your door your favorite USANA products every 4 weeks.
1. What does Autoship mean?
Autoship means that your order is sent to you automatically every 4 weeks, without any action on your part. This is particularly useful when ordering vitamins or any product that you will use on a regular basis.
2. Do I have to sign up for Autoship when I become a Preferred Customer?
No, you can simply choose to sign up as a Preferred Customer without Autoship. However, you will not be able to take advantage of the extra 10% autoship discount on your orders.
3. Is there a minimum amount I have to spend each month when I am on Autoship?
There is no minimum order, and you can cancel or put your Autoship on hold at any time.
4. Do I have to order the same products each month when I am on Autoship?
No, you can change your order every month either online or by phone. It's fast and simple.
5. Can I put on hold or cancel my Autoship at any time?
Yes, if you see that you are accumulating too much product and don't want your Autoship delivered next month, you can put it on hold and set a resume date, or call when you want to resume.
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