Need to lose weight?
Sick of diets failing you?
Tired of fighting your cravings?
Don't buy into those "celebrity diets" - Starving yourself is NOT the answer! Watch the video below to learn how you can RESET Your Health & Weight, permanently!
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RESET is a Jump-Start Program to help you take positive steps toward reaching health and weight-loss goals.

Whether you would like to lose weight and reinvent yourself...

...or just ditch those carb cravings after the holidays...

I am confident that RESET can make a difference for you!


The Perfect 'Whey' to Start The Day...

I love all the USANA products, but Chocolate Whey Nutrimeal is my favorite!

I'm so grateful for my Chocolate Whey shake before a long day on set!
It makes a quick, affordable meal when I'm on the go, it helps reduce carbohydrate cravings throughout the day and gives me sustained energy...not to mention, it tastes great!

Make The Most of Your Workouts...
The lean-muscle building property of whey protein makes it an excellent post-workout meal, and Chocolate Whey Nutrimeal provides an impressive 15 grams of whey protein - one of the highest concentrations of quality whey you can buy.

Also check out our non-GMO Soy Protein shakes, in Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate!

Delicious & Nutritious Protein Snacks...
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Who says healthy eating can’t taste delicious? These low-glycemic, gluten-free protein snacks will not only satisfy your cravings, but will give you the sustainable energy you need without the extra calories packed in those cookies at the grocery store.

Making healthy lifestyle changes can seem like an insurmountable task. Our Healthy Weight Management products are designed to jumpstart healthy eating habits and help you actually
break your cravings for unhealthy food!

USANA Health Sciences is known for manufacturing the highest quality products backed by a potency guarantee. To ensure you and your family are receiving genuine world-class USANA products, purchase them only through your independent USANA Associate or
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