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The Basics...
The Daily Regimen for Healthy Skin

Gentle Daily Cleanser.

Wash away surface dirt and impurities without drying your skin.

Hydrating Toner

Remove lingering impurities, balance your skin's pH levels, and help soothe the effects of environmental exposure.

Daytime Protective Emulsion (AM)

Hydrate while defending against the environment.
Night Renewal Crème (PM)
Replenish skin's moisture levels overnight while optimizing cellular recovery.

The Enhancers...
Targeted Solutions for Your Skin's Individual Needs

Concern: clogged pores, dry skin or oily skin
SOLUTION: Nutritious Crème Masque - My personal favorite Sensé product!

Concern: dull, uneven texture
SOLUTION: Rice Bran Polisher

Concern: crow's feet and dark circles in the eye area
SOLUTION: Eye Nourisher

Concern: loss of radiance, blotchiness, dry and sensitive skin
SOLUTION: Perfecting Essence

Concern: fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, oily skin
SOLUTION: Serum Intensive

Sensé Splash...
Personal-care products for the entire family

After trying the Sensé Shampoo and Conditioner, there was no going back! My hair had never been so soft, shiny and full of body!

A true example of Beauty as a result of Health, the Shampoo delivers nutrients to help restore natural softness, body and shine, and the Conditioner moisturizes, protects and strengthens.

Frequently Asked Questions...

"What do nutritionals have to do with skin care?"
Our skin is a reflection of what is going on inside our bodies, so providing your body with optimal health is an extremely important part of maintaining healthy skin.
"Can you provide something like ProActiv?"
No, Sensé is not like ProActiv. We have something much better for acne problems! We offer products that really work - not just act as a band-aid for now - and they do not contain Parabens, Formaldehyde or irritating ingredients that can cause problems in the long run. Contact Me for the specific USANA products used to solve acne problems.

I'd be happy to personally answer any other questions you may have!
Contact Me Today!
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